Hours & Prices

AQUA PARK PRESIDENT invite you to discover:
  • 14 indoor swimming pools,
  • 6 outdoor swimming pools,
  • recreational area for small kids,
  • splash for older children,
  • inner and outer slides starting from indoor,
  • relaxation and mollification area,
  • 3 outdoor slides in the old area (kamikaze, anaconda, family),
  • 3 outdoor slides in the new area (kamikaze, pendulum, family line),
  • turkish sauna, finnish sauna,
  • 2 massage centers,
  • wave pool,
  • mediterranean grotto,
  • indoor restaurant,
  • outdoor terrace, grill,
  • 3 bars,
  • 2 food areas,
  • covered outdoor area,
  • beach with lawn, sunbeds,
  • DJ, Zumba,
  • parking.
Monday – Sunday: 08:00-20:00
AQUA PARK PRESIDENT is open all year round operating with the famous thermal water from Baile Felix SPA.
KIDS (under 3 years of age)
FREE of charge
3 hours
35 lei
5 hours
40 lei
all day
70 lei
10 lei
KIDS (under 14 years of age)
3 hours
20 lei
5 hours
25 lei
all day
30 lei
5 lei
5-10 entries
45 lei / entrance
10-20 entries
40 lei / entrance
>20 entries
35 lei / entrance
3 hours
30 lei
5 hours
35 lei
all day
45 lei
3 hours
15 lei
5 hours
20 lei
all day
25 lei
Over time
1 min.
0,17 lei
Adults (also valid for guesthouses and subscriptions)
10 lei
Kids (also valid for guesthouses and subscriptions)
5 lei
HAPPY HOUR (after 5 PM)
30 lei
At the entrance at AQUA PRESIDENT, each client receives a wristwatch (which needs to be returned when you exit).
Each watch is loaded with the minimum required (10 RON), which is returned if is not used or you don't go overtime.
All purchase inside the Aqua Park are made with the wristwatch.
Pets are prohibited inside the Aqua Park.

Rules for use of saunas

Aqua Park
  • Children under 16 years of age can't use the sauna
  • Before using the sauna is compulsory to use the shower!
  • Towel in the sauna use is mandatory. Body parts can't make contact with the wood surface!
  • Leave shoes or slipers outside the entrance to the sauna!
  • It is forbidden to enter the sauna with food or drink!
  • Excessive watering of the sauna stones is prohibited!
  • Prolonged exposure in sauna may cause nausea, dizziness and fainting. Reasonable time is 10 minutes within 20 minutes
  • People with one of any of these health problems may not use the sauna: Pregnant women / high or low blood pressure / heart disease or severe lung / under the influence of alcohol, anticoagulants, antihistamines, vasoconstrictor, vasodilatory, stimulants, narcotics or tranquillizers. Failure to do so is at your own risk.